Ad-Pod Pro

The Ad-Pods Pro is the latest generation Bluetooth and WiFi Proximity Marketing System that allow us to connect with an audience on their smartphones and tablets and take them on an interactive customer journey and user experience.

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More Connections And Greater Distance

Ad-Pods Pro devises send out information and advertising content via Bluetooth push technology to mobile handsets and tablets over a 200m signal sending range. Using the Ad-Pods Pro we can send literally any type of media or content including adverts, videos, music, coupons, promotion offers, images, apps and much more directly to mobile handsets and tablets. Once content is via Bluetooth, recipients receive an auto opt-in notification allowing them to accept or reject to receive the content in compliance with Spam and Privacy regulations and legislation making the Ad-Pods System a fully permission based marketing medium.

Increased Bluetooth Connections

Via Bluetooth a propitiatory design platform allows us to create and send content and media via Bluetooth to mobile handsets and tablets that is interactive so users are able to click on the advert and be instantly redirected to any website or webpage, click to call, click to download etc allowing us to take the user audience on any specific or desired customer journey and get them to interact with any specific call to action. (Not compatible with IOS)

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Ad-Pods Pro devises also deliver advanced WiFi marketing capabilities by creating a dedicated WiFi hotspot that users can connect to on their mobile handsets and tablets via a customisable WiFi portal over a 200m signal range. In addition the Ad-Pods Mobile WiFi mode makes it the only fully portable proximity system and solution in the world that does not require any form of internet connection to deliver WiFi marketing capabilities.

Mobile Wifi Mode

In Mobile WiFi Mode the Ad-Pod Pro does not require any internet connection but still emit a dedicated WiFi hotspot. In this mode we can host upto 8GB of content directly onto the Ad-Pod Pro internal memory with a customisable WiFi portal acting as a content access platform where users can select to download content hosted on the AdPod at super-fast speeds meaning users do not need to use WiFi or 3G/4G, its completely free with no usage limits.


Cloud Remote Management

Ad-Pod Pro devises are managed via the Ad-Pods Cloud based Management Software that offers remote management networking capabilities allowing us to manage all content and campaigns remotely from any central location. Multiple AdPods can be managed collectively or individually making it possible to create remotely managed Bluetooth and WiFi proximity networks on a regional, national and even international scale.

Once a user interacts with the Ad-Pods Pro via Bluetooth or WiFi we can take them on any desired user experience or customer journey from direct content distribution such as coupons and promotion offers to more interactive journeys like getting users to interact with any online content or call to action e.g. join our newsletter, get a quote, like us on Facebook, enter a competition, download our App and much much more.

Advanced WiFi Marketing

Once users connect to the Ad-Pods WiFi hotspot they are redirected to a customisable WiFi portal which acts as the gateway to the user accessing any desired content. In standard WiFi mode the WiFi portal can include links to any online content and in Mobile WiFi mode users can access upto 8GB of downloadable content like music, coupons videos, apps and more at no cost and at superfast speeds.

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Open Platform

Due to the open source platform of the Ad-Pods Pro we are able to integrate a multitude of other technologies and platforms to work alongside the Ad-Pods to further expand campaigns and networks; these include digital signage which acts to advise the user audience to “Switch on their Bluetooth / Connect to the WiFi Hotspot” and NFC and QR code which can be integrated to work as additional access points for users to access and interact with the content promoted and distributed via the Ad-Pods Proximity System Devises.

Disclaimer - Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual product casing design may vary.