Clients and Testimonials

We have an extensive list of clients in a diverse range of industries ranging from small companies to international conglomerates. You will see below various testimonials, client uses and case studies.



Crimestoppers are the UK's crime prevention organization. We have worked with Crimestoppers for some time, getting important crime awareness messages out to the public. This has been implemented at various large events and city centres around the UK.

In 2010, Crimestoppers ran a series of very successful campaigns at events such as the UK Superbikes Championship at Mallory Park Race Circuit and Formula 1 at Silverstone. These campaigns involved the use of mobile volunteers walking around the events beaming out Bluetooth Crime Awareness campaigns to the crowds.

The result was a significant drop in crime at these events and in the case of Superbikes it was the first event ever that they experienced zero crime over the race weekend! This is attributed to the Bluetooth message being sent to thousands of people in the crowds and making anyone think twice about committing a crime when they had Crimestoppers messaging their phone!

The videos below are from Sue Langley at Crimestoppers and John Ward from Mallory Park Race Circuit.




UK Police Force

We work with many UK Police forces such as Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Essex, Basildon and Southend to name a few, alongside working with various councils. The Police forces typically have been sold Bluetooth units in the past that were too bulky and were not practical to take out while on duty. Police forces throughout the UK now choose Ad-Pods as the product of choice because of its ease of use and portability.


The police run many different campaigns to raise awareness in a variety of issues such as drink driving, theft and burglary, crime scene and accident information requests and public notification campaigns. We are incredibly proud of the work completed and are pleased to see the technology being used in such a positive and pro-active way.

Below is Steven Greener from Essex Police Force explaining his thoughts on the Ad-pod.




Virgin V Festival 

Ad-Pods have been successfully used to promote major artists by giving away free music downloads such as mp3s and wallpapers, and has been used to promote artists' websites at some of the biggest UK music festivals including Glastonbury, V-Festival, Reading and Leeds Festival, O2 Wireless, T in the Park and the Download Festival. Ad-Pods have also been used on tour with major artists to promote the sale of ringtones and music direct to the fans' mobile phones.

At the 2010 Virgin V-Festival in conjunction with Essex Police, Ad-Pods was the official crime prevention Bluetooth tool and the success of the campaign was fantastic with 15,622 phones downloading the crime awareness police adverts! That's 14% of the total festival visitors downloading these adverts.



Heart FM

The UK's largest radio station group Heart FM has been using Ad-Pods to promote local events and radio station events since early 2008. They have hit thousands of phones with their adverts, from both mobile and stationary locations. The Ad-Pods have been used at outdoor festivals as well as in the Black Thunder promotional vehicles.



Bus Shelter and Train Station Campaigns

Various companies such as Sony Ericsson, T-mobile and Volvo have run Interactive Bus Shelter Campaigns in Conjunction with JcDecaux. As you can see below, the Ad-Pod has been integrated so it is visual and flashing inside the poster. This enables people to hold their phone close the the Ad-Pod and receive the media from directly from it. 



Interactive Poster Campaigns

Mars have run an excellent interactive poster campaign, shown below, in conjunction with JcDecaux. This enabled passers by to interact with the poster by holding their mobile next to the flashing Ad-Pod built inside the poster. Interactive media in the high street takes advertising to a whole new level.



Interactive Point of Sale Campaigns

Coca Cola ran an interesting campaign using the Ad-Pod inside a supermarket Point of Sale (POS) stand. This campaign centered on giving away ringtones for free to promote the Coca Cola brand in the supermarket aisles.

Using Ad-Pods in POS really captures the public attention and keeps them engaged with your product / brand for longer.



BMW and Vauxhall

BMW have used Ad-Pods to promote the Mini in showrooms by sending out information about the car to the mobile phones of people who browsed the forecourt. Likewise, the Ad-Pods have been used to promote the new Vauxhall Astra in both forecourts and the outdoors by parking the show car outside cinemas and shopping centres.




McDonalds have run campaigns where they give away vouchers for a free hamburger with every order which are redeemable in store. This resulted in an average voucher redemption rate of 6.5%. It was not only an economical and eco friendly way to advertise but also very effective.




The Co-op is one of the UK's largest supermarket chains and they run regular Ad-Pod campaigns. In particular, they use them to give away coupons at the launch of every new store. This is a great way to get more attention and more footfall in to the store.



British Gas

British Gas in conjunction with the brands marketing agency AIA have used the Ad-Pods to recruit more engineers. As the biggest utilities company in the UK they see the Ad-Pod as a great way to raise awareness of job opportunities and services.




Bourne Leisure is the parent company to Butlins and Haven Holidays - the UK's biggest holiday park chain. They have used Ad-Pods to help drive additional sales to areas of the holiday park as well as promoting holiday home sales.



Movie Studios

Movie Studios have used the Ad-Pods to promote new movie launches. Companies such as Paramount and Warner Bros alongside the UK film industry leaders - Revolver Films, have all ran campaigns to promote movies such as the Harry Potter series. One particularly strong campaign saw Ad-Pods integrated into 650 posters placed throughout train stations in Germany to promote the Harry Potter movie using interactive marketing and give-aways.