Business Application and Uses

Ad-pod solutions can be used in a variety of different ways. Because they are so small and portable they can be used both mobile and in static locations.

Below is a brief overview of some of the many ways in which businesses and brands are using this technology.

1. Outdoor Mobile Promotions

As you can see in the images below the Ad-pod can be worn at outdoor events or in the high street.


2. Vehicle

The Ad-pod is supplied with a holder enabling it to be stuck in a car window. This is particularly effective for car dealers, taxi firms and any company wishing to turn their fleet of vehicles into marketing machines.


3. Shop Windows

If you have a retail premises you can put calls to action in the window alongside displaying the Ad-pod. This has been done for a variety of companies in all sectors of retail.


4. Point of Sale

An Ad-pod can be built into any point of sale stand this makes the point of sale stand interactive and more interesting to the public.


5. Bus Shelters

As you can see below Jcdecaux one of the worlds largest outdoor media companies has deployed a pod into a bus shelter creating a very unique interactive experience. Companies such as Sony Ericsson and T-mobile ran interactive Bus Shelter campaigns where the pod was visible through the poster and customers engaged by holding their phone next to the pod to receive the message.


6. Interactive Posters

See below how mars used a pod to create a unique interactive poster campaign in the high street.


7. Stunning Window Displays

The Advertising Glass gives you the ability to have stunning LED signage that is incredibly eye catching and can be made to any size from small shop windows to stadium size installations.



8. Interactive Smart Posters

Our NFC enabled smart posters give you all the benefits of a traditional poster but connect mobile phones directly to your offers via new technology such as NFC and QR Code all with trackable statistics.


9. Interactive Kiosks

Our interactive Kiosks are used in many businesses such as supermarkets, shopping malls and stores.
Highly interactive and visually stunning kiosks can be a central focus for your marketing.