Best Practise

As the most visible company in the world for bluetooth marketing we take it as our responsibility to see that this technology is used ethically and effectively.

The first rule of mobile marketing is to offer something of real value to the end user.
Offer great discounts, 2 for 1 deals and incentives to get people to react and pass on your mobile message to other people.

CoopEarls londis

The second rule is to use the pod in close proximity backed up by signage and T-shirts with compelling calls to action. Trying to use an ad-pod to blanket bomb an area with no call to action is a wasteful way to use the technology.

When we work with organizations such as the Police force they understand how best to use the pods and they create awareness of the bluetooth zone with posters, standees and T-shirts, as a result they enjoy impressive results.


We try to advice all our customers in the best ways to implement the technology for maximum results within their business sector.