Additional Services

At Ad-Pods we are part of the iReally Group which means we have several different systems to help you promote your business. Read below for a list of additional services we offer.

Advert Creation

We can create any advert in any format for your Ad-Pod whether it be an animated image to a 3GP video. We offer these adverts at competitive prices starting from £25 per advert. You advert is your call to action and it is important the design is eye-catching to gain the maximum response rate from your Ad-Pod.

Website Design and Internet Marketing

Through our company iReally we have several unique systems for getting sites traffic and to the top of Google. Our systems such as iSites, iStream, iPush can create massive link power for any website powering them up the search engines. We also have a powerful system called iSocial for getting traffic from the social network and web 2.0 sites. If your business needs a new website then via iCreate we can build stunning websites that are designed to rank well and convert traffic into sales.

Video Creation

Our Promotional Videos brand is the first "off the shelf" video production company. We have a range of stunning video templates that you can choose. We customize these templates to have your company's marketing message. This enables us to produce broadcast quality videos for a fraction of the price when compared to having the same video made bespoke. Video is a massively underused commodity online it builds trust and makes your business stand out from the crowd.