About Us

Ad-Pods has been an industry leader in mobile marketing since 2007. We are a globally page one business in the industry and we get more traffic than any other mobile marketing company. We have affiliates and resellers in over 40 different countries and have built a reputation for offering the most honest advice in the industry.

We offer more than any other mobile marketing business because we have brought together a unique set of systems and technology.

Ad-Pods is part of the iReally group which incorporates:


We have the following services:

Mobile Marketing Systems (Ad-Pods)
Internet Marketing Systems (iReally)
Video Production and Marketing (Promotional Videos)

From a business perspective, as a group we offer a complete marketing solution. We can get your business to the top of Google, create engaging videos that convert leads to sales and then we can send your ads to mobile phones. We have unique and innovative systems in all 3 areas that cannot be found anywhere else and so we offer a complete 360° service.

Our comprehensive set of systems and experience means we can offer a superior service for creating a marketing campaign for mobile marketing, utilizing our marketing knowledge, graphical ability and video creation skills.