Frequently Asked Questions

What types of advert can the Ad-pod send?

The Ad-pod can deliver in the following formats:

  • V-Card.
    This is effectively a digital business card in text format which will allow you to deliver your business name, message and telephone number on the recipients handset.
  • V-Calendar.
    If you know a certain date or event needs promoting you can send V-Calendar reminders which will alert the customer on the day of the even through their phones calendar.
  • Text Message.
    Write a simple message about your company in text format and deliver it direct to the handset.
  • Jpeg or Giff Pictures.
    Use small pictures (jpeg) or flashing pictures (giff) to get your message delivered in full colour with animation for examples of this go to the Advert Examples page.
  • MP3.
    Mp3 is a file format that allows you to send music or voice clips explaining your latest offers and promotions
  • 3GP.
    This is the industry standard for sending video to mobile phones. So you can record video clips and send them direct to your potential customers.
  • Java apps & Html Pages
    You can make your adverts interactive by using java or html pages to be able to redirect customers to opt in pages and websites. 

How frequently can an Ad-pod send out adverts?

Using the Ad-pods Updater you can program your Ad-pod to send adverts.

The pod runs an intelligent software that has a block list. So lets say you are using the pod from a fixed location in the high street you do not want to bombard your neighboring stores with the same message again and again.

The block list stops this from happening because it knows when it has sent a message and will not send that message again to the same person (unless you program it to do so) and it will also not repeatedly try to send a message to a person who has declined to receive your message.

What are the best ways to get the most effective response from the Ad-pod?

This is a very open question because the pod is a product that can be used by every business. Its uses are endless but here are some ways in which this device can be used.

  • Stationary POD.
    Have the unit stationed in your business premises ideally where it can beam its message out into the street and catch passers by. This is very effective because if you have a retail outlet you will literally see people walking past your business or browsing your window and within seconds they will receive your offer. It is a fantastic way to get more footfall into your business and it is environmentally friendly (unlike flyers) and most importantly it is cost effective. 
  • Interactive Marketing.
    You can use posters or standees to inform people about your Bluetooth marketing.
e.g. " Turn on your bluetooth for more information" or " For 2-4-1 vouchers turn on your bluetooth"
This is great for in store and exhibition/event promotion.
  • Vehicle Advertising.
    Why not use your business vehicles as mobile advertising stations. By using the Ad-pod in a car (powered by a car charger) you can send adverts to pedestrians.
  • Promotional Staff.
    If your company employs promotional staff, who distribute flyers they now have the opportunity of using an Ad-pod in a back pack. This is a much more economical and environmentally friendly way to promote. Target shopping centres, the high street even near by your competition.
  • Exhibitions / Corporate / Events
    Ad-pods are perfect for exhibitions and events. Because of the high concentration of people you can be sending out hundreds or thousands of adverts per day

What if i do not have a pc or the skills to create an advert can I still use the Ad-pod?

The Ad-pod software updater program is very simple to use.

It is not essential you are computer literate or own a pc to benefit from the Ad-pods advertising capabilities. When you buy the pod we will design and pre-load the unit with 1 advert. Should you require more adverts we can create and upload them to your Ad-pod.

Can I rent the pods?

Yes you can rent them email us details and we can work out a a specific costing based on your needs.

Is bluetooth advertising opt in or spam?

Opt in advertising is permission based advertising. Unlike email spam which you receive without ever requesting it, abluetooth advert requires the customer to agree to receive it therefore they are giving permission and agreeing to opt in to your advertising campaign.

How Does The Ad-pod send To Phones?

The Ad-pod scans all handsets in a close proximity to see if they have bluetooth switched on and discoverable/visible to other devices. Those phones that are switched on and discoverable  will be pushed the opt in message asking them to download the advert content. For wifi Ad-pods they set up a new wifi network that can deliver the advert content over wifi to any phone that logs on to the pods wifi just as they would with a standard wifi router. 

How can the pod be a mobile unit?

The Ad-pod is supplied with a battery pack and bag to allow you to wear it and we also supply it with a car charger for use in a vehicle. Imagine being able to take the pod to an exhibition, the high street, shopping centres and send hundreds even thousands of adverts.

How to order an ad-pod?

To order an ad-pod please click here to visit the product order page. Once the order is placed we will manually review and process the order. This usually happens within 24 hours of the order being placed. The next step is that we then contact you via email to begin discussion over the creation of your first advert. We will require links to any artwork, logos, website etc. We will then need an outline of what you wish your advert to say. Once these details are with us we will design your first advert, the advert will be submitted to you for approval. Once the advert is approved it will be preloaded to your ad-pod and shipped to you the next day. Typical delivery time is 48 hours for UK orders and 4-14 days for the rest of the world. All orders require a signature on delivery and are sent fully insured.

Once the ad-pod arrives we will conduct a skype training call with you to oversee the installation of your software. The software is delivered via digital download on the training call. We like to offer a one on one training call to ensure the software is installed and configured correctly and you know how to use the software. The ad-pod updater is a very simple to use software and comes with a manual when you download it however you will always have our skype details and we are available for help during business hours if you ever have any questions. The software is compatible with Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, windows 7 (please note not all versions of windows 7 are fully compatible with the updater software). We do not offer full support for PC's on a network as we find on some occasions due to security restrictions of a network configuration they do not allow all features of the software to work.

Technical Specifications

The ad-pod mini has the following technical specifications:

Dimension =  Diameter 94mm 20 mm thick

Weight =  70 g 

Mounting With plastic ring =  20g

Power supply =  220V->5 V power supply, or battery 4,5 V

Expansion port =  USB UHCI/OHCI 1.1 compatible

Internal memory =  8 MByte flash, 4MByte RAM

Internal memory =  content 256 MByte

CPU =  ARM 9

Operating system =  Linux
BT Distance =  Selectable in software 0.3 m - 30m in both directions

14 simultaneous connections
BT speed =  Up to 3Mbit/s BT 2.0

BT users per minute  =  Up to 60 users/min
Content download statistics Number of downloads

Temperature range =  -10°C to +45°C
Light 21
LED, (10 Yellow, 10 White, 1 Yellow)

Supported phones for content download
Phones that supports BT Download over 1400 handsets incl. Black berry although blackberry menus will need to be configured for download. Currently iPhone is not supported on any bluetooth device as they do not allow Bluetooth file transfer.

Software update via PC-software
via USB memory stick

Reprogrammable settings 
Phone number
Message that shows at connection via BT
Content to download

Support Windows 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, (windows 7 not all versions) 

Security Prevent from sending more than 1 SMS per customer 
Encryption of software updates to prevent hacking of unit
Encryption of content to prevent hacking of content