Product Range

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Redeem redeem-product

Redeem is the worlds first patented mobile loyalty and couponing platform that closes the "loop of redemption". The Redeem App allows you to issue coupons to new customers and enable all of your existing customers to join your mobile loyalty program and access loyalty rewards. Increasing repeat purchasing and driving new customers to your business..

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ad pod networkedAd-Pod Pro

The Ad-Pod Pro is our latest unit. This is a Bluetooth and Wifi marketing system. It enables you to set up a Wifi hotspot where people can download content over the Wifi signal in their phones. This is excellent for all smartphone users like iPhone, Android and Blackberry. 
This is our number 1 selling unit as it is incredibly easy to use and gives almost 95% compatibility to every mobile phone on the market.

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advertising-glassAdvertising Glass

Advertising Glass is the most stunning LED window display signage on the market. It is brighter than daylight, 80% transparent and gives you the ability to have the most visible call to action in the street. These can even be network updated for instant chain store content deployment.

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App Creation

We have a full mobile app creation service where we can build you a simple mobile app right the way up to a fully featured EPOS integrated mobile app. We make our apps cross platform as standard so they work on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and HTML 5 to work on all other smartphones.

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Interactive Smart Posters

Our interactive smart posters allow a user to simply scan a code or tap their NFC enabled smartphone against the poster and be redirected to any content on the internet. This is a stunning advancement that gives all the benefits of a traditional poster but with enhanced mobile connectivity. The Smart Poster also gives you full statistical metrics.

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NFC offers a multitude of ways to interact with mobile phones. We can create anything - NFC coasters and mugs to pens, business cards and much more. NFC will be the future of all close proximity smartphone marketing and we have a growing list of solutions to keep you ahead of your competition.

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app-deliveryApp Delivery

Our mobile app delivery system makes it so simple for customers to download your app. By simply logging on to the app delivery Wifi their phone model is automatically detected and they are redirected straight to the app download page for their phone. Fast efficient and simple enabling you to get more app downloads and subscribers.

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