App Delivery

The mobile app market is huge! There are over 1 million apps and over 1 billion downloads every single month.

We all know the power of apps and how they can drive your business in a cost effective way by allowing you to send discounts to your customer base for free.

The major problem in the app market is that many companies build customers apps but do not show you how to get people to download the app. If no one downloads your app it is worthless to you.

There is no way to promote your app through the app store you can only hope that it’s picked up on blogs and tech forums for promotion.

app-deliveryHowever there are some simple ways to ensure your app gets traction such as:

  • Instore Posters
  • Smart Posters
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth and Wifi systems

These can all be great ways to promote the app but we have something even more unique that makes it so simple for your customers to download your app.

Our App Delivery System

Our app delivery system plugs into your internet connection and creates a wifi hotspot that you can name something compelling like “download our discount app”.

Once the customer logs on to the wifi they are redirected to the app store download page for your app.

This is done by the app delivery system identifying their phone and taking them straight to the relevant app store.

This is effortless for the customer and should they not have an internet signal or data allowance on their phone this method means every customer can get the app via the fast wifi download from the app delivery system. This saves the customer time and money and makes sure they get their business app on more customer phones.

So you now have your store in your customers pockets and can promote to them whenever you choose for free. Let’s not forget that an app message has a 100% open rate!


buy-it-now-2012App Delivery


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