App Creation

app-downloadsThe mobile app market has exploded and every month there is now over 1 billion apps downloaded. Currently there are over 1 million apps available for smartphones and tablet computers such as the iPad. We keep hearing “there's an app for that” and as a result surveys show that people are spending more time using apps then browsing the Internet. This is a huge phenomenon that most people are not aware of.

Another fact most people are not aware of is that more smartphones and tablets outsold PCs throughout 2011, so the way we access the Internet is changing. One of the biggest reasons for this is because apps make accessing the content you want so much easier and this gives a better user experience.

We can now consume the content we want, how we want!

Ask yourself this - do you want your customers to go and search for you in a directory or on Google amongst all of your competitors, with the hope that they will choose you, or do you want to give them one click access access to your business straight from their home screen on their smart phone or tablet?

app-benefitsBenefits Of An App  

Many business people have not adopted apps because they think apps are just for games but this is a major mistake.

Push Notification

The single biggest benefit to any business getting their customers to download an app is that it gives you the ability to send a push notification. This push notification opens just like a text message on their phone.

Push notifications have an astounding open rate of 100%.

Typically, email open rates at best are 3% and direct mail at about 1%. An app actually gives you a 100% open rate and has none of the usual high costs that are associated with SMS or direct mail.

Additionally, there is a huge added benefit to being able to message your customers via something that is in their pocket everyday. This is the most powerful avenue to your customer base.

Geo Location

Another huge benefit is the ability to geolocate your customers and even send them a voucher as they walk past your premises, this increases footfall sales and customer loyalty.

Increase Loyalty

By getting people to download your app you can take them on a customer journey which leads to a higher quality of frequent communication between you and your clients.

Cost Effective With A High Return On Investment

With this cost effective and highly responsive eco friendly marketing, you can now turn a quiet day into a busy day by simply sending out a message to your app users. The speed of implementation for your marketing message for virtually zero cost is unrivalled by any other form of marketing available. It is inevitable that every business will have an app just as it is that they should now have a website so as with all new trends the early adopters are the people who will benefit the most.

Our Solution

We have taken the time to monitor the app market in the last few years and the main barriers we see is that companies are not being educated on the benefits of using apps and most business owners are being quoted ridiculously high prices for app creation.

So we have been working for some time to bring a solution to you that enables any business of any size to now have a highly functional and high spec app that delivers a fantastic user experience to your clients. We are now able to do this in a cost effective way that means you can now have your own app for less than the cost of a full page advert in a local newspaper.

We are bringing down the barriers to entry and aim to educate everyone on how to start synergistically using an app to build into your marketing mix and take your customers on a life long journey that leads to increased revenue and productivity through customer loyalty.

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No Technical Knowledge Needed

You do not need to have technical knowledge or experience to use our app platform and this means that truly any business of any size can benefit from an app.

Cross Platform iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML 5

We can build you an app that works on the iPhone, iPad, Android and even in html 5 to go on all the other makes of phone including Blackberry. This is something most app developers charge a fortune for to re-encode your app cross platform but we do this as standard!

Automatic Free Updates

Our apps are automatically updated when the phones change their operating firmware and you need never worry about your apps not being compatible.

This means that apps are no longer just for the big boys they are for everyone. We have brought together fantastic functionality with a price point that any business can afford.

Prices start from £1500.00

Please fill in the form below and one of our staff will call you to discuss your requirements and begin the process of building your new smartphone app.

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