Advertising Glass

Advertising Glass is a futuristic LED display technology. If you have ever watched a film such as Tom Cruise's Minority Report you will always see sheets of glass that light up in the stores of the future. Advertising Glass is the beginning of this type of display technology.

Advertising Glass is the most powerful visual call to action you can have in your window displays.

Advertising Glass has many unique features, primarily being visible in daylight. If you place a standard TV screen in a window display they look blacked out and cannot be viewed from across the street. This is because a standard LCD TV emits approximately 1000 nits of light whereas daylight is typically 5000 nits. Advertising Glass runs at between 4000 nits and 6000 nits, making it as bright or brighter than daylight. Therefore it is highly visible during the day and exceptionally bright in the evenings.

This makes your advertising the brightest and most visible point in the street both day and night.

Advertising Glass Is Easily Updated

Advertising Glass can be updated quickly and easily either in store with a PC, or it can be network updated over the internet. If you need to react quickly to a price drop from your competitors you now do not need to wait weeks for new point of sale, you can instantly change your window advertising using the advertising glass, saving you time, money and minimising any potential losses to your competition.

80% Transparency

Posters and TV displays block out your windows, where as the advertising glass is 80% transparent allowing for more visibility into your stores. This makes advertising glass the most unique display technology of its kind.

Advertising Blindness

Obviously eye-catching window displays draw in more business, but the key point is that we live in a world where we are bombarded with marketing messages.

The New York Times, The Guardian and Neilson have conducted research that show we are advertised to by logos, TV, radio and printed media between 1600 and 3000 times per day!

This has led to something called 'ad blindness'! The human brain simply cannot and does not want to process this many marketing messages.

Visualize the last time you walked down a high street. You will have seen countless posters, billboards, product placements and offers but how many did you really take the time to process and look at?

The answer will be not many if any at all. This is because you are suffering from ad blindness and we are more interested in racing to our next appointment, thinking about the day ahead, or one of a hundred other things.

You are not exclusive in this - this happens to every potential client who walks past your business.

Using something as visual and eye-catching as advertising glass is going to capture more attention and will ultimately lead to more customers and sales for your business.

Advertising Glass Products

The Advertising Glass comes in two formats:

Plug n Play Solution

The first is the plug n play solution which contains a 2ft by 2ft unit in a highly durable metal flight case. This means the advertising glass can be transported easily and safely anywhere in the world. When it reaches you it simply needs to be connected to the power supply and video sending device. It can then be either used free standing or be hung from a ceiling. The advertising glass is then ready for use.
This is a very popular option because it is cost effective, portable and easy to install.

Custom Installed Solution

The custom solution is where we can make the advertising glass in any size for any display. As an example it could be 3ft by 6ft to 60ft by 100ft. Custom solutions need to be fitted by a professional installer. This solution will require a consultation call directly with us. Please fill in contact form below and one of our advisors will get back to you.

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