Ad-pod Plus X Networked Edition

AdPods Networked devises are remotely managed Bluetooth and WiFi Proximity System servers that allow us to connect with an audience and take them on an interactive customer journey and user experience through their mobile handsets and tablets with a specific objective or call to action being the end game.

More Connections And Greater Distance

AdPods Networked devises can also deliver Networked WiFi marketing capabilities through either fixed line internet or 3G/4G to create a dedicated WiFi hotspot that users can connect to on their mobile handsets and tablets via a customisable WiFi portal over a 200m signal range. In addition the AdPods Mobile WiFi mode makes it the only fully portable proximity system and solution in the world that does not require any form of internet connection to deliver WiFi marketing capabilities.

Remote Management

pod xAdPods Networked devises are managed via the AdPods Cloud based Management Software that offers remote management networking capabilities allowing us to manage all content and campaigns remotely from any central location. Multiple AdPods can be managed collectively or individually making it possible to create remotely managed Bluetooth and WiFi proximity networks on a regional, national and even international scale.

Open Platform

Once a user interacts with the AdPods Networked via Bluetooth or WiFi we can take them on any desired user experience or customer journey from direct content distribution such as coupons and promotion offers to more interactive journeys like getting users to interact with any online content or call to action e.g. join our newsletter, get a quote, like us on Facebook, enter a competition, download our App and much much more.

Due to the open source platform of the AdPods Proximity System devises we are able to integrate a multitude of other technologies and platforms to work alongside the AdPods to further expand campaigns and networks which can be integrated to work as additional access points for users to access and interact with the content promoted and distributed via the AdPods Networked