Ad-Pod Mini


This is the most exciting product we have ever seen in the industry.

Finally there is a product with mass market appeal at the right price for any business.

Key points:

  • Its tiny! It fits in the palm of your hand
  • Runs on a battery pack using normal C size batteries
  • Looks stylish and has flashing LEDs making it noticeable
  • Can be stuck to a window, car window or POS stand
  • It is very light weight
  • Can be worn via a holder
  • Can collect phone numbers for SMS campaigns
  • Works on mains and car chargers

This product has got everything and is a fantastic piece of kit, this Ad-Pod is taking the Bluetooth market by storm.

The Ad-Pod is sold with the following accessories:




We will also create and preload your pod with your first advert.

This is unlimited free advertising forever for the cost of a small newspaper or Yellow Pages advert.